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Testimonials - PowerTaxes.com PLLC

"It used to be very stressful for my wife and I during tax time, we always waited until April 15th to have our taxes done.  PowerTaxes has changed that for us.  We now get our returns prepared in early February.  PowerTaxes electronically filed our returns and we had our refunds the following Friday.  PowerTaxes has truly been a blessing."

- Jerry & Margie F.

"My husband used to prepare our returns using store bought software, since he was hesitant to pay to have our taxes done by a CPA.  We went to PowerTaxes to have our returns prepared and it ends up that our returns for the past 3 years had big mistakes in them.  PowerTaxes amended our returns for those 3 years and we received a refund of over $7,000 - the IRS even gave us interest.  Thank you so much!"

- Sarah V.

"I always thought that using a CPA would be very intimidating.  But PowerTaxes was a very friendly atmosphere.  The owner, Rob, really explained taxes in a way that was easy to follow.  PowerTaxes has a client for life now!"

- Steven S.

"My wife and I used to go to H&R Block.  The tax preparers there didn't seem to know as much as we would have liked, it seemed as though we were correcting their mistakes.  Ends up the preparer at H&R Block wasn't a CPA, and had just taken a job there part-time to earn extra money.  PowerTaxes actually took time to make us feel welcomed and asked us questions that really helped increase our refund.  No more H&R Block for us."

 - Adam & April R.

"I hated tax time in the past.  I went to see PowerTaxes while the NCAA basketball tournament was on.  The office at PowerTaxes was awesome, I got to watch the game on a 40 inch plasma TV on the wall.  I even got to relax and have a drink from the fully stocked bar in the office.  That was the best tax season ever, and my refund was pretty nice too."

- Alan T.

"My family and I had been going to a bookkeeper for years to have our taxes done.  We were overpaying big time!  The fee at PowerTaxes was much lower than what we were paying in the past.  Now our entire family is loyal to PowerTaxes."

- Jennifer, Chris, Tiffany, Don M.

"I used PowerTaxes to set up my new business and to do my business and personal returns.  Having PowerTaxes on my side in the early days of my business was a large bonus for me.  I had financial statements prepared that helped my business get a bank loan, now my business has really taken off."

- Charlie W.

"We dropped our information off and went shopping at the mall.  We came back about 2 hours later and everything was ready for us.  Our returns were electronically filed and all we had to do was pick up our copies.  It's nice to have something so complicated made so easy for us."

- Robert & Kimberly A.

"PowerTaxes is very knowledgeable and friendly, with low fees.  Enough said."

- Kenny C.

"My wife and I just bought a new house so we decided it was time to have our returns done by a CPA.  We were referred to PowerTaxes through a friend of the family.  We were able to itemize and PowerTaxes thoroughly explained what receipts and records we should be keeping.  Knowing what is deductible has come in very handy for us and our refunds are amazing now.  Thank you."

- Kelly and Dan O.

"It's nice to have my return prepared by a business who actually cares about the local community and the people who live there.  Through talking to some of the people in our association I know that PowerTaxes has prepared returns for some of the elderly folks in the community for a cost next to nothing. Thank you for taking the time to care about people and not just profit - that is rare these days."

- Andrew L. 










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